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Rooftop solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are the emerging
solution for distributed power in residential and commercial
Solar rooftops are the ideal solution for providing clean, green
and inexhaustible energy which reduces the use of fossils fuels.
3S Solar provides solutions for customers ranging from 1KWp to
500 KWp, in accordance with individual requirements.
3S Solar rooftop systems will reduce your electricity bill (25
years once installed). Nevertheless earn benefits on electricity
generation as you contribute towards nation building and climate
control/natural cooling of your roof top.
Bring home the Sun and start
saving today!! Investing in solar
power system gives you freedom
from steep power bills and constant
power cuts.
3S Solar provides solutions for solar
water pumping as per your
requirements. The energy generated
by solar panels can also be used to
power water pumps. This is very
useful and cost effective for
Agriculture, home, factories and
other commercial application.
Our Solar street lighting
solution is a combination of
Long Lasting energy efficient
LEDs (Light emitting diodes)
powered by a clean and
renewable energy source such
as the sun. These are available
at various wattage DC with
single and double arm model.
Our Electronics security systems
like CCTV, Periphery fencing,
Access Control and various
integrated security system can be
powered by 3ssolar power 24x7 .
A petrol pump requires more than 5
KW of electricity daily for its’
operation. Hence high electricity
cost can be significantly reduced by
3S SOLAR solution.
Our various day to day use life
products like Solar Emergency
lamp, Study lamp, Solar Lantern,
LED, Indoor lights, Solar garden
lights etc. can give you a clean
energy lighting in your home
3S Solar provides you with various types of solar water
heating systems such as ETC(Evacuated tube collectors) or
FPC(Flat plate collectors) whichever is optimal, as per your
requirements. We are having various water heater solutions
for residence, Apartments, Hotels and Industries.
Solar water heating systems have rated capacities of the
amount of water they heat on a daily basis known as LPD
(Litres per day).
We provide you with solar water heating systems of varying
capacities, from 100 to 1000 LPD or even greater if require.

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